Sunday, November 27, 2016

Not my usual blog project...Noel sign

I decided to take a little break from my normal sewing projects and create a holiday sign.  Recently, I saw this on a Pinterest post and just loved the sign, so I decided to try to make my own.

This was a super cheap project for me.  I got the board at Menards for $1.99.  I also bought a small can of stain - Minwax - Wood Finish, penetrating stain, color-Special Walnut.  I already had the white Martha Stewart satin paint, color-Wedding Cake, the red color was Love Bird, and a little of the black satin.

The first step was to wipe the board down.  I then took a hammer and it it several times to give it a more beat up look.  I then stained it with the Minwax stain.

After staining it I took a little Coconut Oil and loosely rubbed it over a few spots on the board and along parts of the edges.  I then brushed the white paint over it using a large brush and vertical strokes.  I wasn't too concerned with covering it 100%.  After it dried for about an hour, I took my high tech grill spatula thing... and scrapped away some of the white paint.

I used a word program to then print out very large letters.  I cut the out (leaving some white) and taped them evenly onto the board.  I used a measuring tape to help align them.

I then used some carbon paper to trace the letters onto the board.  I did this by placing the carbon side down underneath the letter and traced using the pointed end of a paint brush handle.

Once the letters were traced a used my finger to rub a little bit more of the coconut oil on in a few places of the inside of the letters.  I then mixed a lot of red with a little bit of black to create a deep red.  Using a medium sized brush I carefully painted in the lines.  After it dried for about an hour I added a second coat of the red mix.

After the red dried, I took my grill flipper/spatula thing and very lightly scrapped away a little of the red paint.  Then I was done!!!  Happy Holidays!

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  1. Looks great! What an awesome way to create that antique look!


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