Sunday, May 28, 2017

Future Coffee Station Table Flip

After completing my first furniture flip--- which was surprisingly easy, I have ventured on to furniture flip number two.  I found this perfect sized table that was in somewhat poor condition at Goodwill for $40.  The size and detail were perfect though for my future coffee station table for my bedroom.  I chose a light pink (mostly because I was tiring of all the antique white I have in my bedroom) called Stolen Kiss a Behr paint from Home Depot.  As I did with my first table I used a semi-gloss latex paint.

Preparing to Paint:  
Before I started the fun part, I gave the table a very good cleaning.  I used a water/vinegar mix (3 parts water to 1 part vinegar) and sprayed it all over the table.  I quickly ripped it down and dried it.  I then gave it a light sanding everywhere.

I also needed to repair some of the trim that was popping off.  To do this I used liquid nails to glue it back, and then clamped it down to secure it.

I then took a little beeswax and put it on a few spots that I wanted to distress later.

I used a high quality paint brush meant for smooth surfaces.  I painted one layer, then gave it a light sanding.  I ended up repeating this for three coats sanding in between.  My final sanding was with a 220 fine sanding paper.

Refurbishing the Brass Hardware:
I removed the handle from the drawer prior to painting.  I tried soaking it in coke... it helped a little.  What ended up being a surprise was how a little sanding with 220 grit--- polished it instantly!!  No need to soak it.

Distressing the table:
To distress the table I used 150 grit sand paper and sanded the spots I had beeswax on.  I also sanded the edges.  

Protecting the table:
Since I will be using this table as my coffee station I decide to give it a clear coat.  I used a semi-gloss polyurethane from minwax.  I gave it two coats on the top, one coat for the rest of the table.

Overall cost: $68ish...  $40 table, $19.99 Paint, $8 semi-gloss finish.  I have enough left over paint to probably make 3-4 more furniture flips, enough semi-gloss to do 1-2 more.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Different kind of Creative-Flipping Furniture

It has been awhile since I've been able to post. Over the last couple of months I have moved!! As exciting as that has been, it's come with a lot of time and anxiety... but still worth the move :) One of the fun things that comes with a new home is finding new furniture. Being of the frugal mindset I decided to try to flip my own furniture. So far I have found two beautiful old tables. This one below is my first flip. I bought it at St. Vincents for only $26.25. It is a solid piece from Ethan Allen.

To prep the table I cleaned it with a vinegar and water mix.  I then sanded it slightly.  I used beeswax to create a few spots where the paint wouldn't adhere to for distressing purposes.  I then used a semi-gloss antique white paint from home depot.  I ended up doing three coats and lightly sanded between each.  After the final coat I sanded the edges and my few beeswax spots to create the distressed look.