Friday, June 2, 2017

Repurposed Sewing Machine Table

On a whim I stopped by the thrift store on my way home from work on Thursday.  I found these two items for a combined total of 25 dollars!  Yes, they are in poor condition, but the sewing machine has most of it's enamel intact, and it has a bunch of attachments!  

For Memorial Day weekend I decided to tackle the sewing table first.  Mostly because I love sewing, and this seemed to speak to me :)

PREP:  To begin I removed as many things as I could (i.e. sewing machine, table parts, etc.) and gave it a really good cleaning.  For the parts that would not be painted, like the lower cover that is under the table and conceals the sewing machine when lowered, I used pledge.  For the rest I used windex and a damp cloth.  I also needed to remove the laminate that was peeling away.  I used a scraper to get all of the loose pieces off.  I then gave it a really good sanding all over.  I then cleaned it with a damp cloth.

REPAIR:  I then used Bondo to fill in the parts where I had to remove the laminate... It was very very very smelly... but easy to use. 

SAND:  After the bond dried I went back over it with a sander using 80 grit.  It was surprisingly easy to even out, I can see why auto repair people use this!

PAINT:  I then wiped it down again.  To paint the piece I used my new favorite color-- Stolen Kiss from Behr, semi-gloss latex.  It's a really pretty pale pink.  I started with a roller... but it was hard to get to the small spots, so I used a foam brush for the remaining coats.  It took about four coats.... which seams like a lot... perhaps next time I'll try using a primer.  I did sand between the first two-three quotes.  

DETAIL:  I decided to add a few frilly details to the piece.  I found these decorative wood pieces at Home Depot and purchased some glass knobs... added about $29 to the project... which is more than I spent on the furniture... but I think it will look nice in the end.  I stained them a dark brown first because I planned on distressing them later.  I then painted them with antique white semi-gloss paint I had.  I wanted them to stand out from the pink a little, so I chose the white.

Distress:  I than distressed the piece using 150 grit sand paper.  Later I did go back and paint some of the spots over... because it looked a little to distressed...

Add the Detail:  The detail pieces were then added to the table using liquid nails.

Reassemble:  Once the paint had dried I put all the pieces back on.  I also (with much frustration) reattached the sewing machine.  I then decided to plug it in to see if it actual my surprise IT STILL WORKS!!!. What a deal for 19.99--- nice table and nice working sewing machine!